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Daniel G

by Daniel G

Dear friend

If you'd like to gain back control over your drinking habits, this is the most important and last training you'll ever have to take.

But First, Read This Disclaimer:

This won’t work if you aren’t willing to open your mind to new thoughts, new points of view and new ideas.

Also, it is extremely important that you'll follow the rules and instructions at the letter.

Oh, and one more thing:

I want to talk to those who’ve tried every method out there, with willpower, associations, medicine, hypnosis and what not and still are trapped in that doom loop of drinking.

I know exactly how you feel. I did all that too. I was so desperate I was even ready to give up!

And I want you to know that I’ve got your back.

If after the training and if you followed the rules & instructions you’re still not in control of your drinking, I’ll refund you fully!

With that said ... let me tell you

Exactly What You're Getting:

First of all, this method is revolutionary and it's not like any method you've ever tried. There is no yada yada or blarney
- just facts about alcohol that will change the way you look at it and it works.

And it's easy to do.

30 videos (or audio), 10 to 15 minutes in length each, you can watch on your mobile or your tablet, listen to in your car or before going to sleep.

And if you wanna do it with a book, to see how it works, here you can get your copy

Or you can book a call here and discuss how we can work together on one-to-one

  • Get Your Drinking Under Control in 30 days or less

CHF 97

  • Get Your Drinking Under Control in 30 days or less
  • 4 one-on-one calls personally with me to help you along the way
  • Messenger/Text/WhatsApp Support 24/7

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Here's what Earle has to say after he finished the training...

I found Daniel’s video course excellent.

I have stop drinking now for one month easily. Before I was drinking a lot, every day starting in the morning to evening.

I recommend Daniel’s course as it deals with the facts about alcohol and drinking too much and has truly helped me to stop by understanding what was going on with me and most other people who drink.


And it's more than just getting back in control

See, this is about absolute freedom, no craving, no sheer willpower.

Alcohol will not be a central part of your life anymore.

Let me tell you my story, I'll keep it short, promised:

My name is Daniel G and since I found out everything I have included in this training I am totally free.

I don’t feel any need to drink no matter what situation, whether it’s at a party, nor when I’m stressed or sad, no necessity, no craving at all. If I feel like, I'll have a drink but it's not that strong, dominant feeling of absolutely must-have one.

Sadly I wasn’t always that free. I started drinking at the age of 13. At the age of 17, I injected heroin into my veins. With 22, I stopped that but I couldn’t get in control of my drinking and never manage for over 30 years.

I tried many times to cut down, to stop completely, drink only once a month without success.

I always envied the people having a lot of fun at parties being completely sober, handling stressful situations or just being relaxed without having to drink. I always wanted to be like them, to look healthy, feel great, being able to manage every situation and not having to crave for the next drink.

With time it got worse and worse, I crashed cars, ran into trouble with strangers, managed to bankrupt my well-going company and many more awful incidents.

After a terrible car accident from which I walked away totally sound, I decided to find out why it is easier to stop being a heroin junkie than controlling my drinking.

Why others could drink apparently without problems but not me? I read a lot of books, tried and failed a lot of methods and finally, I found these methods which I put together in this one new training that put me back in control.

It cleared my mind, changed my thinking, gave me a completely new point of view and made me understand that I have been trapped all these years without even noticing being in a trap.

Mikko did the training and one month later he wrote me this:

I was very keen to do this training and my expectations where high.

Results were really good. It really made me think and change my habits.

I was already in process to cut my drinking and this course really made me to think differently and I am really really happy now.

I feel so great! Thank you so much.

So like I said, there is more to this training than "just" getting back in control.

Here's a fraction of what you're getting...

  • Alcohol is a prison. You have been imprisoned slowly, so slowly you didn't even notice. You are not to blame. But you are keeping yourself in that prison. Why? Because everybody around you is telling you that you are incurably ill and your only chance is to stay away from the booze by pure willpower and you believe it because 90% of all people say so.
    In video #6, you'll learn how you have been imprisoned and how to walk out of the prison and never go in again.
  • Alcoholism is not an incurable illness.... If that would be so, why a doctor can't diagnose it? Why I and many others have managed to "cure" ourselves? Even if all the experts say the contrary. Your mind will be opened in video #2
  • You'll be free without willpower or avoiding. One day you discovered that you aren't in control anymore, so you probably tried to cut down, to resist. So you didn't lose your face and you proved to yourself that you don't have a problem. The conflict is when you don't drink you feel miserable because you sacrifice something and if you drink you blame yourself because you don't manage to cut down. In video #22 you'll learn why alcohol has no advantages at all and therefore it is not a sacrifice to not drink.
  • You will have no withdrawal pain. Our body is the most sophisticated surviving machine of the planet. In video #9 your eyes will be opened on why that is just another lie and why our system is perfectly able to get rid of the poison easily and is even happy to do so.
  • Alcohol quenches thirst, tastes good, relieves pain, helps us cope with stress, ... What a wonderful beverage! In video #7 you'll see all the fabulous excuses people are giving when it comes to the reasons they drink.
    Why do we have to find excuses anyway? Why do you drink water? Because you're thirsty, period!
    You will have no need to find excuses, spend energy on explaining. You will just tell them how you stopped and they will be amazed.
    If alcohol quenches thirst, why we don't stop after the first beer? If you drink a half litre of water your thirst is quenched for several hours.
  • If alcohol helps us deal with stress, why are we still stressed after drinking? Because alcohol covers the stress and does not solve it. If there is a fire, you don't just stop the alarm and claim to have extinct the fire, right? All the revelations about those excuses in video #8
  • In video #18 we will wipe out all the myths about incurable illness, addictive personalities and congenital flaws.
  • Alcohol does not make you happy! If it would you should be happier the more you drink...
    You will enjoy real happiness, coming from the inside, without the need to drink, in video #21

You're right ... that is a lot of new uncommon stuff. But exactly that unfamiliar approach will set you free for the rest of your life as it set me free too.

Free For The Rest Of Your Life?

In my house, there is plenty of alcohol. Why? Because my guests like to have a drink and why shouldn't they?

At parties, I have a lot of fun and enjoyable conversations. Everybody around me has a drink in their hands... Me? A glass of water.

I don't even think about having a drink because it's just not in my mind anymore. I don't feel the craving desire nor the necessity to have a drink. If I want to have a drink I will of course but it's not a dominant thought anymore.

Now that's what I call freedom, don't you?

Results don't lie!

GA testimonial

After the training three amazing things will happen.

First you'll notice that the desire to have a drink at various occasions has completely vanished and you will ask yourself how for God's sake it has been so difficult before. And don't get me wrong. This training is no brainwash! This is a deeper understanding of which role alcohol plays in society and what alcohol is exactly.

Then you'll be stronger, faster, more focussed, more efficient and less stressed. Your libido will be up and running. You'll need much less sleep and wake up as if you were 17 again. In short, you'll feel years younger.

And last but not least alcohol will be working for you. Yes, you heard that right.

Every time you'll smell it, every time your conversation partner holds a boring monologue, every time someone is giving a speech on why drinking is such a great thing and every time someone is complaining about a hangover...

you'll be just smiling and thinking "Thank Goodness, I am free!"

And every time it will fortify your self-esteem, your power and you'll be that wonderful human being you are meant to be.

Here's what will happen if you don't act right now

  • You will destroy your family
  • You will lose your job
  • There's a good chance that your children will become drinkers too
  • Your friends will stop talking to you because you'll become a shadow of yourself
  • Your partner will quit you because you once more made promises you didn't keep


Shall I continue?

Fortunately you can act today, right now!


Alright, you're still here, that's excellent!

Now the best part of all this is that it's...

Specially Made For People Who Hate Having To "Deal" With A Problem Eternally

Let me be very frank here. A 12 step program? Really? And the first step is: 

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.

Please do not get me wrong, these associations help a lot of people staying away from the bottle but do you call that freedom? ("...just stay away from the next drink...")

But hey, if you think that a...

Setting-You-Free-Once-And-For-All-Solution nothing for you, then please do not buy this training!

Here's What To Do Next

The cost of this training is CHF 795.- and you get instant access to all the videos.

If you think that you need more support, you can book the second option with weekly calls which is CHF 1295.-

As soon as you place your order, lifetime access to the training is set in place.

You can access it on your mobile phone, tablet, in your car, anywhere.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

There Is No Catch!

I realize that all this sounds almost too good to be true ... so you might ask yourself what the catch is.

I also know that there are some websites out there offering you a great deal but then you'll be stuck in these programs forever. 

This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "continuity program" you have to try or anything even remotely like that.

I am giving you this training for CHF 795 as I want you to enjoy the same freedom as I'm living. 

I know it works and I want you to be free!

And, if you think that this is expensive, let me ask you this: How much money did you spend last week on your drinking habits?

This is an investment in your bright future as a free man.

  • Get Your Drinking Under Control in 30 days or less

CHF 97

  • Get Your Drinking Under Control in 30 days or less
  • 4 one-on-one calls personally with me to help you along the way
  • Messenger/Text/WhatsApp Support 24/7

CHF 1'295

By clicking "Set Yourself Free/Have Me On Your Side" I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, and that I have read the Privacy Policy.

Need more?

With this revolutionary new process, it is the easy way to lead you of what often feels like a prison cell that we can't escape from.

How do I know?

I lived in that cell for years

It cost me almost everything, almost lost everything

and it wasn't until I tried everything

I knew I needed to find a way

and now, clean and free, not interested in it anymore

I can have a drink whenever I want, but I don't want to, don't feel like, don't need to

It's not a curse, a craving, a beast in a cage anymore.

I learned how to overcome it, understand it

but most importantly

I'll teach you how to understand it  and control it

so you too no longer feel helpless to it.

This isn't a program you just buy and you're forgotten like one of 10,000.

This is specifically designed to help you.

You are the individual to finally get control over the drinking so it won't control you anymore.

How can I be so sure?

Because I did it! I was stuck, I was imprisoned in that cell, had that ame beast in the cage. 

Once I understood why, it changed everything.

Because I helped men all over the world getting free

and their wifes got their men back,

their kids got their dad  back

that you know you are on the inside.

They just got lost in a haze.

Now, the good news is I know exactly what it's like to struggle, to be frustrated

how to fight

but most importantly, I know what it's like to be free

and I can't wait to show you

There’s one thing I can guarantee. I know I can help you get free, get back in control and start living the life you know you really want

If you have doubts, I understand, I would have too, the internet is full of ***

Don't take my word for it, here's what other guys have said:

Results don't lie!

See what KT thinks about the new training

Once I subscribed to the training my expectation was that I will not stop drinking alcohol and that it will require some kind of miracle for me to stop drinking alcohol. However, I started the training with a very open mind.

The result after the training was that I quit drinking alcohol the day the training finished. I achieved freedom from alcohol, I never have to drink again! Learned important knowledge and truth about alcohol and alcoholism.

What I liked the most about this approach is that it's based on knowledge and truth about alcohol. After learning everything, the thought of drinking alcohol becomes unpleasant, there is absolutely no benefit to drinking alcohol. The approach works in the way that I stop wanting to drink alcohol anymore, I don't want it anymore in my life

Before the training, I was drinking every day, about 6 litres of beer per day and now I don't drink alcohol anymore at all.

I feel really happy being sober and grateful that I never have to drink again. I can strongly recommend this video course for anyone who wants to stop drinking alcohol!


These kind of emails open my heart every single time

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  • Get Your Drinking Under Control in 30 days or less

CHF 97

  • Get Your Drinking Under Control in 30 days or less
  • 4 one-on-one calls personally with me to help you along the way
  • Messenger/Text/WhatsApp Support 24/7

CHF 1'295

By clicking "Set Yourself Free/Have Me On Your Side" I confirm that I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, and that I have read the Privacy Policy.